Tag: The Quest for the Red Sea Crossing

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The Quest for the Red Sea CrossingAuthor(s): GM Matheny
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Did the ancient Egyptians leave an account of the Red Sea (Yam Suf) crossing? Most people who have studied this would respond, “But the ancient Egyptians never monumentalized their defeats.” Yes, and today no one is expecting to find an ancient Egyptian inscription that says, “The God of the Hebrew slaves beat us up.” However, there is an Egyptian legend (not the el-Arish Shrine) that does more than just lend itself to the sea crossing by Israel. It is about a battle between two Egyptian “gods,” and in this battle, the “good god,” who represents Egypt loses (something very rare), and the “bad god,” who represents the foreigners wins, and it takes place at the bottom of the sea! And what is of more interest is that this takes place right in front of the four place names of the Red Sea/Yam Suf crossing, as given in Exodus 14:2! (Pi-hahiroth, Migdol, Baal-zephon, and “the sea.”) But because this Egyptian legend was said to have happened in an unexpected location, it has been passed over.

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