Tag: Songs of the Deliverer IV

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Author(s): Elvo Bucci
Publisher: N/A
Price: $3.99       Buy Now!

Vanquished by tyranny, their fight for freedom rages. Amidst the struggle, proof of their stolen faith is discovered. And a nation rises.

The “Songs of the Deliverer” novels tell the story of a man sent to fill the void left by the death of the baby in the manger. Two centuries after the baby Jesus was deprived of his destiny as the fulfillment of the biblical prophecy, Emmanuel comes to bring hope to the hopeless and to reveal the path to new life. He reveals himself to be the Christ, the one sent from above, and religious congregations form to worship him and follow his path. But a ruthless King threatened by the people’s dedication to the new Savior, decrees that the veneration of Emmanuel cease and all relics of him be destroyed. It’s as if Christ never was.

Now, in Resurrection of Freedom the fourth book in the series, a battle for freedom is waged on the streets of the country. In the midst of this revolution, young grade school students are thrust into the eye of the storm and come face to face with the tyrannical ruler who deprives them of their liberties. Ensnared in extraordinary circumstances not of their making, these students stake their futures in the revolution sweeping the country. Trapped and on the verge of defeat, an unlikely hero emerges to lead the way out. His trading chip – an item of the forsaken Christ that could change everything. An offer is made to the despot who agrees to a deal: reveal the proof of the vanquished savior or the students will be incarcerated for the rest of their lives. With time running out, the ransom is paid. Will the promise be kept?


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