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15 Reasons Why You Should Switch To The Amazon Kindle


15. Permanent Storage
All your books are stored on Amazon’s servers. If you have a paper book library it can be destroyed through fire, natural disasters or regular wear-and-tear. With the Kindle you’ll never lose or damage your library (even if you lost your device).

14. Family Book Sharing
Want to read a book with your spouse or kids? With paper books you’d have to buy multiple copies or wait until one of you finished the book. With family book sharing you can both read the same book at the same time on a different device. Say goodbye to buying multiple copies.

13. Massive Selection
Amazon has tens of millions of Kindle books (and counting) to choose from. There’s also many out-of-print books available which you won’t be able to find elsewhere. You can also discover up-and-coming authors that have chosen to release their publication as an e-book only.

12. Book Highlighting and Notes
With Kindle you can easily highlight passages and add your own comments. You can conveniently view them all in one place which is a dream for students writing papers, pastors writing sermons, or content creators looking to easily keep reference their favorite quotes of their own thoughts.

11. Book-like experience
The Kindle (except Kindle Fire) screen uses a revolutionary technology called “E-Ink” which mimics the paper reading experience. There is no glare (you can read it in the sun) and you won’t experience eye-strain. Switching from paper to e-books will be an easy transition for those that choose Kindle.

10. Mobility
Can’t decide what books to bring on your trip? Why should you have to choose? Bring your whole library! Moving again? No problem. With Kindle say goodbye to overweight suitcases and packing up heavy boxes of books. The Kindle is lighter than a paperback.

09. Font Size Adjustable
Do you remember books in “large print edition”? The Kindle lets you increase or decrease the font size easily on all your books. There are more reading customizations available too!

08. Long Lasting Battery
Leave your screen on, it doesn’t matter. The Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite battery lasts one and two months respectively before needing to be charged.

07. Social Sharing
Found a great quote that you’d like to share? Just highlight it and send it to your X or Facebook profile. Kindle makes sharing great quotes and books easy.

06. Read it NOW
Instant delivery. No waiting for your book to arrive in the mail and say goodbye to shipping costs. Start reading your new book in less than 60 seconds.

05. Book Samples
Not sure if a book is worth purchasing? Amazon will let you read a nice size sample of any book for free to overcome that problem. They also have a no-hassle return policy if you buy a book and it’s not what you were expecting.

04. Audiobook Syncing
Heading out for a jog or a drive but don’t want to put down your book? Plug in your earphones and listen to a professional narration of your Kindle book at the exact spot you left off. When you’re done you can continue reading where your audiobook stopped. No other device offers this revolutionary feature.

03. Your library is safe.
Amazon sells more Kindle books than hardcover & paperbacks combined. Kindle has the largest market share of e-books with 75% of the United States market and 95% of the UK. Build your e-book library with a company that will be here for the long haul.

02. Multi-Platform
Amazon is cross-platform. They allow you to read your books on the PC or Mac as well as all major smartphones and tablets. So you can start reading on your PC, continue where you left off on your iPhone and then retire to bed with your Kindle device.

01. Cheap Prices
Amazon is ALWAYS listing books that you want to read for free or at a steep discount. When you switch from paper to e-books you won’t believe the savings.


Click here to view all currently available Kindle devices in the United States (or here if in Canada or the UK). If you’re not sure which one to get, the Kindle Paperwhite is our recommended choice. Don’t forget that you don’t need a device to read Kindle books as you can simply install one of their free reading apps.

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