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Author(s): Ryan Thomas
Publisher: N/A
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What if enjoying real, deep relationship with God was so much easier than you ever imagined?

For so many, enjoying real intimacy with God seems so distant and difficult. And yet here is an ache in every human heart to connect with the Divine.

In The Other Tent, Ryan Thomas invites you to embark on a journey of discovering keys to enjoying a true connection with God. Learn to remove roadblocks to intimacy with God and how prayer can become a delight in your life instead of a boring duty or chore.

Author(s): Ryan Thomas
Publisher: Baker Books
Price: $0.99       (July 16-31)
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You may be surprised and uncomfortable to learn that there is one thing that’s hurting your personal spiritual growth more than anything else: your unwillingness to give more than you’re giving right now. On average, Americans give away just 3% of their income to churches and charitable causes. Perhaps you pull back because of fear that you won’t have enough. Or you may feel resentful that you are asked to give at all. Either way, the result is the same and the one suffering most because of it is you.

In You of Little Faith, pastor Ryan Thomas isn’t afraid to talk about the most taboo subject in the church–money. Drawing from a multitude of biblical passages and contemporary examples, he will convince you that giving aggressively and extravagantly, beyond what you ever thought reasonable or possible, will unlock God’s blessing in your life and community and strengthen your faith in a way that nothing else can.


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