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Growing in ChristAuthor(s): Arnie Cole & Michael Ross
Publisher: GoTandem (An imprint of Barbour)
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

Growing in Christ is a story-driven, forty-day devotional that reads like a novel while taking believers through the Gospels. As readers study the life of Christ, they’ll learn how to get more of Him into their lives–more of His heart, more of His story, more of what He wants for each of us. And as His truths are worked into their own hearts, readers will learn how to develop the right mindset so to live out the words of Jesus, take their eyes off themselves to better love their neighbors, pray with power and passion, nurture their families, and live well within the community of believers.

“There are three characteristics of this devotional book that I especially like. First, it is about Jesus, what He did for others and what He can do for us. We can never learn too much about our wonderful Lord.

Second, the book is well-organized and focuses on the basics of successful Christian living. As you read, you will get your hands on the essentials of the Christian life and avoid being mired in some time-wasting detour. This book is not a detour; it is a highway! Finally, this book encourages you to get involved. It is easy for us to read but not assimilate spiritual truth because we fail to obey what we have learned. It is only when we obey that we receive spiritual nourishment and grow. Mere passive reading will do us little good. We must become actively engaged with God’s truth if we expect the Lord to transform us and make us a blessing to others. This book tells you how and encourages you to do it. Stay with it and God’s truth will stay with you!”
Warren Wiersbe–Radio Bible teacher and bestselling author of more than 150 books

Dating, Relating, Waiting: God's Word on PurityAuthor(s): Michael Ross & Tess Cox
Publisher: GoTandem (an imprint of Barbour)
Price: FREE       Buy Now!

Guys. Girls. They’re everywhere! You go to school with them, work with them, live near them, and you’re definitely interested in getting to know some of them. But the question is, can teenagers remain pure in today’s mixed-up, sex-crazed climate? The answer is yes! Christian guys and girls just like you share their secrets to dating, relating. . .and waiting! This book is packed with great advice—everything from can’t-miss communication tips to the Bible’s candid answers about lust, love, romance, and purity.

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Book details:

Crossway Books: Joshua and the Flow of Biblical History by Francis A. Schaeffer (vs.) The Great Evangelical Disaster by Francis A. Schaeffer
New Leaf Publishing: The Breathtaking Respiratory System (God’s Wondrous Machine) by Lainna Callentine (vs.) The Complex Circulatory System (God’s Wondrous Machine) by Lainna Callentine
Barbour Publishing: Replacing Worry for Wonder by Cheri Fuller (vs.) Overcoming the Hurt by Arnie Cole , Pam Ovwigho, Michael Ross
New Hope Publishers: Teen People of the Bible by Daniel Darling (vs.) Wonder Women of the Bible by Brenda Poinsett

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