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Author(s): John Zachary
Publisher: Harvard House
Price: $2.99        Buy Now!

Are players depicted in the book of Revelation out in force today?

Discover apocalyptic answers to this question in Secrets – never heard until now of the book of Revelation!

John Zachary, Spirit-filled Christian, writes of his spiritual memoir in Secrets of the Book of Revelation. However, Secrets is only the first bite in a delectable banquet of biblical truth. Read the Expect to Live Forever book series as it reveals evidence that solves many issues facing Christians in the 21st century. For example, seventy percent of Christian youth going to college lose their faith. Are you personally ready to discover answers that will stop the downward spiral of the church?

Upon reading this book I am excited to share this information with my high school and college student family members. So much of what students encounter these days is meant to attack the validity of Christianity. Here is a book that uses logic, science and mathematical computation to reveal that the prophecies of the Old Testament are accurate and prove that God is eternal, that He created us and the Earth, and He knows what will happen down to the last details and dates. Do not miss the opportunity to read this fascinating and informative book series!


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