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Author(s): Peter Barnes
Publisher:  Christian Focus Publications
Price: $2.99       (Jun 16-17)
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Until his death in 373, Athanasius was the most formidable opponent of Arianism in the Roman Empire. Ultimately, for him, this fight was not a struggle for ecclesial power or even for the rightness of his theological position. It was a battle for the souls of men and women. Athanasius rightly knew that upon one’s view of Christ hung one’s eternal destiny. As he wrote to the bishops of Egypt in 356: “as therefore the struggle that is now set before us concerns all that we are, either to reject or to keep the faith, let us be zealous and resolve to guard what we have received, bearing in mind the confession that was written down at Nicaea.” And by God’s grace, his victory in that struggle has been of enormous blessing to the church ever since.

Author(s): Bradley G. Green
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

Arguably the most significant theologian in Church history, Augustine is nonetheless a figure of dispute in protestant circles, distrusted for his views on ecclesiology, amongst other subjects. Yet his love for the Lord and articulation of the doctrine of grace ensure that his writings remain relevant and inspiring to many Christians today.

For anyone looking to begin to understand this theological giant, Bradley Green’s biography offers a clear insight into Augustine’s life and beliefs. In the words of the patristic himself, ‘Take and Read’.


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Intervarsity Press: Shepherds After My Own Heart: Pastoral Traditions and Leadership in the Bible by Timothy S. Laniak vs. The Servant of the Lord and His Servant People: Tracing a Biblical Theme Through the Canon by Matthew S. Harmon

Reformation Heritage: God or Baal: Two Letters on the Reformation of Worship and Pastoral Service by John Calvin vs. What Happens When We Worship by Jonathan Landry Cruse

New Leaf: Life of Washington by Anna C.Reed vs. Some Fruits of Solitude by William Penn

Good Book Company: Being the Bad Guys: How to Live for Jesus in a World That Says You Shouldn’t by Stephen McAlpine vs. Be True to Yourself: Why it Doesn’t Mean What you Think it Does (And How That Can Make you Happy) by Matt Fuller

Crossway: My Heart Cries Out: Gospel Meditations for Everyday Life by Paul David Tripp vs. God Is the Gospel: Meditations on God’s Love as the Gift of Himself by John Piper

Christian Focus: Augustine of Hippo: His Life and Impact (Early Church Fathers) by Bradley G. Green vs. Basil of Caesarea: His Life and Impact (Early Church Fathers) by Marvin Jones

David C. Cook: Survive the Day: Thriving in the Midst of LIfe’s Storms by Ben Young vs. Done with That: Escape the Struggle of Your Old Life by Bob Merritt

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