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the secretAuthor(s): Bill Bright
Publisher: CruPress
Price: $3.99       Buy Now!

“If your spiritual life has been a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows, this book holds the answer!”

– Evelyn Christenson

In this inspiring book, bestselling author Bill Bright shows you how to discover a new dimension of joy in your Christian walk. The secret? Learning to draw upon the purpose, power and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

kingdom of couchesAuthor(s): Will Walker
Publisher: CruPress
Price: $3.99       Buy Now!

Fighting for Communal Faith in an Individual Age

Community is a buzzword. Everyone needs it, most everyone wants it, and yet we’re left on our own to figure out how to get it.

This book does three critical things:
* It gives intensely practical insight on the how’s and why’s of living out our faith in community.
* Through personal examples and stories, it makes you crave the community you’re reading about.
* It satisfies your longing for real literature, not “just another Christian book.”

This book is ridiculously well written, funny, insightful, even brilliant. Will Walker is on staff at UT. His work has appeared in several publications including Deeper Walk by Relevant Books.

fireseedsAuthor(s): Dan Hayes
Publisher: CruPress
Price: $3.99       Buy Now!

“I saw something…never witnessed before, the president and all of the faculty on their knees together praying for the unsaved students under their care.”
-Linfield College, Global Awakening of 1907

For over two decades, Fireseeds has inspired us to pray, to expect the impossible, and to trust God for new works of His Spirit-in our lives and on the campus. Fireseeds is a proven tool for igniting campus-wide, student-led prayer.

But it is more than a book on prayer. It is a book of stories; stories of great prayer movements, revivals, and the students who gave leadership to them.

This is not simply a reprint of an old classic. Fireseeds has been updated and expanded to include recent accounts of student revivals as well as stories from around the world and not simply the U.S. The new Fireseeds also recounts the contribution of women to these revivals as they are often overshadowed, and contains an additional chapter on the filling of the Spirit (including the Satisfied Prayer Experience). Last, the revised version opens with a foreword by Mark Gauthier, and a vision to trust God for movements everywhere.

the finishersAuthor(s): Roger Hershey & Jason Weimer
Publisher: CruPress
Price: $3.99       Buy Now!

Completing the Mission of Christ in Your Generation

By Roger Hershey and Jason Weimer

For 40 years Roger Hershey has set the pace for campus ministry, for personal discipleship, and for fulfilling the Great Commission. Now, finally, it’s all down on paper.

Here is the teaching, the messages, and the ministry philosophy of one of the great veterans of the campus ministry. A compelling call to make disciples, fulfill the Great Commission, and re-engage the mission of the church.

So what will it take to complete the mission of Christ in this generation? Roger Hershey and Jason Weimer take us through the Vision, the Mindset, the Stewardship, and the Convictions of a Finisher—exploring the life of one who competes, endures, and completes the race marked out. This is the defining vision and guide to “All-in,” “Sold-out,” “Radical” discipleship.

Book Outline

Section I: A Vision of the End

Section II: The Mindset of the Finisher

Section III: The Stewardship of the Finisher

Section IV: The Convictions of the Finisher

Section V: The Means to the End

The Finishers Commitment

Praise for The Finishers

“It is a fascinating overview of the history of the world from God’s perspective and a strong challenge to become a part of the great work that God is doing right now in countries around the world. But don’t read this book unless you are willing to have God change your life!

– Dr. Wayne Grudem, Author of Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine

“Rejecting the self-centered mindset of our culture, Roger and Jason call us to take seriously the Great Commission, become world Christians, and live for the surpassing glory of eternity. Powerful reading! This is a genuinely inspiring and challenging book.”

– Dr. Robert Coleman, Author of The Master Plan of Evangelism

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