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Author(s): Scott Williams
Publisher:  New Leaf Press
Price: $2.99       (Mar 15-16)
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Answers to the racial tensions of our culture lie within the gospel of Jesus Christ who selflessly unified a multi-ethnic church to Himself and secured for that church reconciliation with God. Unfortunately, many churches are beacons of racial segregation resisting the multi-cultural unity witnessed in the early church (Acts 1:8; 2:5-11). With passion, courage, and vulnerability, Scott Williams challenges the church to truly embrace the multi-cultural unity and ministry revealed in the Bible.

Is Sunday the most segregated day of your week? Are you and the leadership of your church welcoming men, women and children of other races into your church pews, Bible classes, and places of leadership within your church? Scott Williams offers Church Diversity: Sunday the Most Segregated Day of the Week as a wake-up call and a nudge forward addressing:


Church Diversity Sunday the Most Segregated Day of the WeekAuthor(s): Scott Williams
Publisher: New Leaf Press
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

– Interviews with some of the nation’s top church leaders, observations from successful churches, prominent worship leaders, and parallels from effective corporate strategies for engaging the issue

– The power of intentional change demonstrated by a key leader from one of the largest and most innovative churches in America

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said it best nearly 40 years ago: “We must face the sad fact that at 11 o’clock on Sunday morning, when we stand to sing… we stand in the most segregated hour in America.” Unfortunately, not much has changed since Dr. King’s statement.

However, with these proven insights, congregants and ministry leaders can implement practical steps to foster effective conversations about diversity in the Church, ask the important questions, and embrace a pivotal role as an agent of change for the face and heart of the Church. Be part of a powerful movement to make everyone welcome in God’s House!

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