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Author(s): Greg Darley
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

Faith without obedience is dead. Prayer without action is wasted.

What would your life look like if you stopped praying about God’s will and just did it instead? How would your church look if it spent as much time serving as it spent praying about serving?

The truth is, sometimes when you think you’re praying, you’re really just procrastinating. And when you think you’re asking that God’s will be done, you’re really telling him no. In times that call for action, prayer can be disobedience in disguise. Wasted Prayer uncovers the ways we use prayer to dodge responsibility for the work God has assigned us.

Complete with punch-in-the-gut biblical exposition that will help get you off your knees—and out of your chair—Wasted Prayer will provide you with the jolt you need to start living like a Christian, instead of just praying like one.

It’s time to stop praying and start doing.

clash of kingdomsAuthor(s): Charles Dyer & Mark Tobey
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Price: $0.99       Buy Now!

From the bestselling authors of The Rise of Babylon and The ISIS Crisis, the essential guide for Christians about what Bible prophecy foretells concerning current events in the Middle East—especially the rise of ISIS and the resurgence of Russia—while providing a way to find peace and hope in the face of end times concerns.

ISIS, Russia, and Iran are daily atop headlines and are among chief sources of intensifying unease among Americans about how current world conflicts will unfold. Using the Old Testament texts of prophets Ezekiel and Daniel as foundational passages, Bible experts Charles Dyer and Mark Tobey explain the connection between Bible prophecy and real-time events such as the growing alliance between Russia and Iran; the unsettling of the region as ISIS ravages countries and redraws boundaries; and the pull of Turkey and Saudi Arabia into the fray by Russian encroachment, Iranian meddling, and the United States’ inability to create and lead a coalition. Simultaneously, Dyer and Tobey provide practical encouragement and spiritual principles for finding comfort, strength, and perspective in an unsettling time while laying out a strategy for responding out of faith rather than fear in the face of end times concerns.

What Really Causes Needless Casualties Of War?Author(s): Jonathan Paul Brenneman
Publisher: Propiv Press
Price: $0.99       Buy Now!

Has God given his people authority over evil powers that oppress cities and nations? Or have we only been authorized to cast demons out of individuals?

A problem came to the forefront in Christian circles in the 1990s. Believers were suffering devastating demonic attack after attempting to assault “regional principalities.” As a result of these negative and even scary experiences, many concluded that God never gave us authority over these evil powers in the first place.

Jonathan Brenneman re-examines that assessment. While drawing from the lessons learned by previous leaders of the “spiritual warfare” movement, he also challenges many deep-rooted assumptions. He brings to light serious scriptural problems with the position that Christians only have limited authority over Satan’s power. Rather than dismissing the problem of “needless casualties,” he offers a re-diagnosis of the cause.

Readers are saying this teaching has removed the fear and confusion surrounding the topic of spiritual warfare. It also includes:

•Modern-day testimonies of overcoming the severe demonic attack, and the lessons learned

•Scriptural and historical examples of a single righteous person displacing a principality

•Testimonies of God’s kingdom advancing regionally as Christians confront and trample on principalities

•How to trample on principalities

•Several problems with trying to distinguish between evil spirits in the second heaven and those on earth

•Why there are no levels of authority over Satan for Christians, only “all authority.”

•How Christians sometimes mentally acknowledge gospel truths but don’t act accordingly

•How we leave a gospel position and thus become vulnerable to attack by trying to “break the devil’s power”

•Why the devil has no legal rights and the difference between a “legal right” and a “foothold.”

•How the legal approach to the demonic realm makes us vulnerable to attack

•How “identificational repentance” initiatives, although bringing healing and reconciliation, have been misunderstood

•How fear can make us vulnerable to demonic attack

•How to avoid the trap of “practicing the presence of demons”

•Why a “heavy spiritual atmosphere” is a lie

•Why the heavy emphasis on “amassing a spiritual army” has become unbalanced and falls short of scripture

•Lone rangers of the Bible

•Why we should reconsider warnings about mocking Satan

•Should we “bind” territorial spirits?

•Is our sword any different than the sword of the Lord?

What Really Causes Needless Casualties Of War? is practical and encouraging, rooted in both scripture and experience. Stimulating fresh thinking, it leads to a renewed vision for what God is able to do on the earth through Christ’s body, the church.

Redeeming Money: How God Reveals and Reorients Our HeartsAuthor(s): Paul David Tripp
Publisher: Crossway Books
Price: $2.99       (July 19-20)
Buy Now!

Best–Selling Author Paul David Tripp Addresses How the Gospel Reshapes and Reorients the Christian’s Perspective on Finances

Money. The thought of it can be overwhelming, and the pursuit of it can be addicting.

Our society constantly promises us that money will provide what we want—success, comfort, peace, and happiness—leading our fickle hearts to trust money for things it was never intended to give us. Even if we think we know what the Bible says about money, there seems to be a gap between our theology and our everyday money struggles.

In this practical and hopeful book, best-selling author Paul David Tripp shows us how to view and interact with money in a God-honoring way. Through chapters that expose the depths of our heart struggles and our need for grace, this book offers a roadmap to find peace, generosity, and joy in the world that God created.

faith and secularisationAuthor(s): James Arthur
Publisher: Routledge
Price: FREE       Buy Now!

NOTE: We are unaware of the author’s own personal faith, but the topic will be of interest to many Christians.

This book is a detailed study of higher education institutions affiliated to particular religions. It considers the debates surrounding academic freedom, institutional governance, educational policy, mission, and identity together with institutions’ relations with the state and their wider communities.

A wide range of institutions is examined, including Christian, Islamic and Jewish universities in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

Essentially, this volume questions whether such institutions can be both religious and a ‘university’ and also considers the appropriate role of religious faith within colleges and universities.

Author(s): Paul Louis Metzger
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Price: $2.49       Buy Now!

We live in a multifaith society: an ever-growing, diverse cultural climate, where no religion is viewed as having a monopoly on truth. It is important when that Christ-followers not only share the Word of God but also listen and learn how to interact meaningfully with those of diverse perspectives as we engage in life’s most important conversations.

Connecting Christ
 encourages believers to be not only better communicators and witnesses but also listeners to people of other worldviews and traditions—skills that are crucial in defending against today’s negative connotations and ineffective approaches associated with Christian evangelism.

With extensive commentary from leaders of various walks of faith and life — from Judaism to Islam and Buddhism to atheism —theologian and author Dr. Paul Louis Metzger offers a spiritual compass to help navigate the intimidating yet critical dialogue of conveying our faith in Christ. Filled with practical guidance and insight into controversial topics, such as hell, fascism, and homosexuality, Connecting Christ reveals that there is a way of evangelizing that is neither disengaging monologue nor silent, lifestyle ministry but is, instead, an approach for evangelism and dialogue to go hand-in-hand. 

We must remove ourselves as the stumbling block to salvation for others and embrace a way to proclaim the uncommon, compassionate God revealed in Jesus Christ—the Savior this world is dying to know.

Pray for the World: A New Prayer Resource from Operation WorldAuthor(s): Patrick Johnstone
Publisher: Intervarsity Press
Price: $3.99       (Ends July 28)
Buy Now!

For decades, Operation World has been the world’s leading resource for people who want to impact the nations for Christ through prayer. Its twofold purpose has been to inform for prayer and to mobilize for mission. Now the research team of Operation World offers this abridged version of the 7th edition called Pray for the World as an accessible resource to facilitate prayer for the nations.

The Operation World researchers asked Christian leaders in every country, “How should the body of Christ throughout the world be praying for your country?” Their responses provide the prayer points in this book, with specific ways your prayers can aid the global church.

When you hear a country mentioned in the news, you can use Pray for the World to pray for it in light of what God is doing there. Each entry includes:

Timely challenges for prayer and specific on-the-ground reports of answers to prayer
Population and people group statistics
Charts and maps of demographic trends
Updates on church growth, with a focus on evangelicals
Explanations of major currents in economics, politics, and society

Join millions of praying people around the world. Hear God’s call to global mission. And watch the world change.

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