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Author(s):  Paul Wesley Sullivan
Publisher: N/A
Price: $3.99       Buy Now!

Your once joyful marriage disintegrates. You abruptly lose a spouse or child to an accident or cancer. A promising job ends, leaving you financially strapped. You or a loved one are left paralyzed from a car accident. A virus upends the life of a nation.
These life-changing events occur daily across the world.
How do you relate to God during a tragedy? How will viewing God as Who He is help during trials?
Which Bible verses comfort? Which verses help you see God for Who He is, no matter the circumstances?
The verses which are bolded and highlighted in this book helped me understand Who God is. The passages assured me of God’s love, protection and, authority. The Bible guided me through the pain. “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” Psalm 119:105 (1)
Christ: The Prince of Peace Even in Jail is a true account of how God provided me with peace during a 5-year divorce case and incarceration. And then rest after I was free from jail.


Author(s): John Brown of Wamphrey
Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
Price: $3.99        (Ends Sept 28)
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‘Christ the Way, the Truth, and the Life’ is John Brown of Wamphray’s most practical, experiential work. It provides spiritual counsel on living the Christian life as it ought to be lived—centering on Christ, mortifying sin, loving the souls of others, and glorifying God. This classic reprint excels in teaching believers how to make use of Christ in a variety of ways on a daily basis.

John Brown of Wamphray (c. 1610–1679) was a Scottish minister who was imprisoned for opposing the episcopal rule and subsequently exiled to the Netherlands.

“Would you learn the art of continually fleeing to Christ by faith for your justification and sanctification? Read and reread this precious volume, filled with experiential truth, and learn about how to go to Christ continually for every spiritual need. Use it as a devotional gem, and pray for the Holy Spirit to grant you, by faith, a growing, daily dependence on Christ. Here is biblical, Reformed, Puritan spirituality at its best.” – Joel R. Beeke, president, and professor of systematic theology and homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary.

Author(s): Scott Redd
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Price: $2.99        (Aug 30-31)
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There is a yearning within all of us to be ‘whole’ – a recognition that we live fragmented lives: striving and failing, believing but doubting, speaking one thing then doing another. We are all righteous sinners, in a battle with ourselves. In this semi-biographical work, Scott Redd examines this fight, discussing how we should be approaching it theologically and practically, in our day–to–day lives.

Filling each chapter with doctrines and biblical texts, Redd uses his theological training to tease out the idea of becoming fully–functioning, love-filled, Christ–devoted people. There is also a focus on using a cross-section of texts and concepts from the Old as well as the New Testament, making this a well–balanced and enlightening discussion. With an engaging, humorous tone, The Wholeness Imperative presents Christ as the unifying force of our hearts and minds – not abstract or unattainable, He is right in front of us, waiting to be embraced.

Author(s): Paul Louis Metzger
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Price: $2.49       Buy Now!

We live in a multifaith society: an ever-growing, diverse cultural climate, where no religion is viewed as having a monopoly on truth. It is important when that Christ-followers not only share the Word of God but also listen and learn how to interact meaningfully with those of diverse perspectives as we engage in life’s most important conversations.

Connecting Christ
 encourages believers to be not only better communicators and witnesses but also listeners to people of other worldviews and traditions—skills that are crucial in defending against today’s negative connotations and ineffective approaches associated with Christian evangelism.

With extensive commentary from leaders of various walks of faith and life — from Judaism to Islam and Buddhism to atheism —theologian and author Dr. Paul Louis Metzger offers a spiritual compass to help navigate the intimidating yet critical dialogue of conveying our faith in Christ. Filled with practical guidance and insight into controversial topics, such as hell, fascism, and homosexuality, Connecting Christ reveals that there is a way of evangelizing that is neither disengaging monologue nor silent, lifestyle ministry but is, instead, an approach for evangelism and dialogue to go hand-in-hand. 

We must remove ourselves as the stumbling block to salvation for others and embrace a way to proclaim the uncommon, compassionate God revealed in Jesus Christ—the Savior this world is dying to know.

the unfolding myteryAuthor(s): Edmund P. Clowney
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Price: $4.00       Buy Now!

Beginning with Adam and Eve and closing with the last of the prophets, Dr. Clowney takes a fascinating walk through the Old Testament, revealing Christ in places where he is usually overlooked.

Made Like Martha: Good News for the Woman Who Gets Things DoneAuthor(s): Katie M. Reid
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
Price: $1.99       (Ends July 28)
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An invitation for overachievers to discover what it means to rest as God’s daughters without compromising their God-given design as doers.

Are you a Martha who feels guilty for not being a Mary? Do you want to sit at Jesus’s feet as Mary did—but you feel the need to get things done? In Made Like Martha, Katie M. Reid invites you to exchange try-hard striving for hope-filled freedom without abandoning your doer’s heart in the process.

Through her own story and rich biblical illustrations, Katie reminds you that it’s not important whether you sit and listen or stand and work. What matters is that your spiritual posture is one of a beloved daughter who knows she doesn’t need to earn God’s love. Your desire to get things done is not something to temper but something to embrace as you serve from a place of strength and peace—knowing Christ already did His most important work for you on the cross.

With “It Is Finished” activities at the end of each chapter and a five-week Bible study included, Made Like Martha helps you find rest from striving even as you celebrate your God-given design to “do.”

“Made Like Martha will infuse your life with a fresh perspective as you learn both to embrace your God-given personality and also discover how—and when—to rest and retreat.” —Karen Ehman, Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker and New York Times bestselling author of Keep It Shut

knocking on gods doorAuthor(s): Oswald Chambers
Publisher: Discovery House
Price: $3.99       Buy Now!

“Lord, my chief desire is to be rooted and grounded in you—God-centered and God-absorbed, God-enthused and God-loved. How eager my soul is to know you and be still!”

Learn how to pray through the prayers of a man totally surrendered to Christ. Selected and arranged by Biddy Chambers from her husband’s personal diary, this collection of 365 prayers provides a unique glimpse into the spiritual life of Oswald Chambers, author of the classic devotional My Utmost for His Highest. Exhibiting humility and perseverance, these petitions encourage you to knock at God’s door, enter into His presence, and live your “utmost for His highest.”

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