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Same Kind of Different As Me for KidsSame Kind of Different As Me for Kids
Author(s): Ron Hall & Denver Moore
Publisher: Tommy Nelson
Price: $2.99       (Ends Feb 18)
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Same Kind of Different As Me for Kids tells the emotional tale of Denver Moore’s life story, made famous in the New York Times bestselling book Same Kind of Different As Me.

“I used to spend a lotta time worryin’ that I was different from other people. . . . But I found out everybody’s different—the same kind of different as me.”

Little Denver grew up very poor, and he didn’t get to go to school. As time passed, Denver decided to hop a train to the big city for a different life. That life was also very difficult, and Denver spent many years as a homeless man. But God was faithful and He showed His love for Denver through two people who were very different from him, and He changed the world through their unlikely friendship.

This unique children’s book includes Denver’s original art, which will be a touching way to talk about the beautiful message. Parents and children alike will be moved by this powerful story and will never forget the unexpected and life-changing things that can happen when we help somebody.

“Nobody can help everybody, but everybody can help somebody.”

Previously published as Everybody Can Help Somebody.

All About Helping OthersAll About Helping Others
Author(s): Frank E. Peretti
Publisher: Tommy Nelson
Price: $0.99       (Ends Feb 18)
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God loves us just the way we are, and He wants us to love each other, too! That’s what Mr. Henry wants kids to learn as he retells these stories from the Bible: the Good Samaritan, Jesus and the disciples, and Jesus and the little children. In his own wacky way, Mr. Henry teaches some of the most important principles of helping one another.

Pilgrim's Progress A Retelling (Ages 10+)Author(s): Gary D. Schmidt
Publisher: Eerdmans
Price: $1.99       Buy Now!

Here is the retelling of Christian’s spiritual journey from the City of Destruction to the Heavenly Palaces. Gary Schmidt has recaptured, in contemporary language, John Bunyan’s story of Everyman’s quest for life for a new generation of readers.

The Manger MouseAuthor(s): Sarah Martin Byrd
Publisher: Ambassador International
Price: $2.99       Buy Now!

What really happened the night Jesus was born? Matty’s mother tells him he will take part in the most important thing ever to happen in history. Why him, a meek and lowly stable mouse? All Matty the manger mouse wants to do is snuggle into the warmth of his mother and fall asleep—but the Creator of the world has another plan for him. Will the little stable mouse surrender to his own needs or bow to the will of the Savior? Children and adults will be touched by Matty’s brave little heart. As the story of that first Christmas unfolds, come join Matty and all the other stable dwellers—portrayed in lush and charming pastel illustrations.

He Did This Just for YouAuthor(s): Max Lucado
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Price: $0.99       Buy Now!

Building on stories and illustrations from the book He Chose the Nails by Max Lucado, He Did This Just for You is a 64-page evangelistic book that leads the readers through God’s plan of salvation and offers an invitation to accept Christ. It’s the perfect way to introduce the gospel to friends and acquaintances through Max Lucado’s warm and easy to understand writing style. Experience God’s grace and plan of salvation for the first time or use this booklet to share the message of hope with someone you know.

The Tiny BookThe Tiny Book
 Kathleen Ruckman & Bryan Miller
Publisher: Master Books
Price: $3.63        Buy Now!

Little things can make big differences!

– Children’s book emphasizing that tiny things are special
– Exquisite full-color, full-spread illustrations
– Imaginative rhyme teaches children to consider the tiny things in life
– God’s creation is emphasized

A magnificent book highlighting the amazing world we sometimes fail to see and teaching that God created everything, so everything is special.

The Big BookThe Big Book
Author(s): Kathleen Ruckman & Bryan Miller
Publisher: Master Books
Price: $3.60        Buy Now!

Large things are important, too!

– Children’s book emphasizing the big things in life
– Subjects include mountains, redwood trees, deserts, and oceans (more…)

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