The Big & Tiny Books

The Tiny BookThe Tiny Book
 Kathleen Ruckman & Bryan Miller
Publisher: Master Books
Price: $3.63        Buy Now!

Little things can make big differences!

– Children’s book emphasizing that tiny things are special
– Exquisite full-color, full-spread illustrations
– Imaginative rhyme teaches children to consider the tiny things in life
– God’s creation is emphasized

A magnificent book highlighting the amazing world we sometimes fail to see and teaching that God created everything, so everything is special.

The Big BookThe Big Book
Author(s): Kathleen Ruckman & Bryan Miller
Publisher: Master Books
Price: $3.60        Buy Now!

Large things are important, too!

– Children’s book emphasizing the big things in life
– Subjects include mountains, redwood trees, deserts, and oceans
– Full-color illustrations highlight each subject of the book
– Children will love the rhyming text

A magnificent book that highlights the big things in life and teaches that God created everything in this remarkable universe!

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