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Author(s): Cathy Harris
Publisher: Ambassador International
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“Created to Live is a deep and engaging perspective on the effect of abortion on women in the Church and in our nation. This book gives encouragement to praying Christians to carry the torch to end the pain of abortion in our time.”
Linda J. Cochrane, R.N., CEO,
Author of Forgiven and Set Free: A Post-Abortion Bible Study for Women

In today’s America, an abortion is performed every 26 seconds. Since 1973, nearly 58 million abortions have been performed in the United States alone, devastating countless women, men, and families.

Cathy Harris knows firsthand the pain and sorrow that follows an abortion, having had one at a young age. Looking for new life for herself after her abortion, Cathy was brave enough to step through the doors of a church. Because of one bold conversation, a genuine community, and a merciful God, life found her. Now she dreams that other women will find the abundant life they search for, both before and after abortion.

In Created to Live: Becoming the Answer for an Abortion-Free Community, Harris seeks to start the conversation that few are brave enough to have. One that she hopes will help end the abortion epidemic and instead create a culture of life.

Using personal insight acquired through her own story, Harris offers advice and encouragement to those who have had an abortion, know someone who has, or desire to make a pro-life impact in their community. Created to Live features resources, hard truths, and practical steps to help end the abortion epidemic.

The days of hanging in the balance are over. The grey area is quickly becoming black or white, and the choice is ours. God will always be merciful: will you be part of the abortion-free community that thousands of women and babies need?


“Cathy Harris challenges us beyond our own personal healing to seeing with “Kingdom eyes” how we can restore the sanctity of human life by overcoming evil with good. The mission of Jesus’ church has never changed—we do justice, we love mercy, and we walk humbly. Cathy has given us a great primer; let’s follow her lead.”
Karen A. Ellison,
President, Deeper Still

“Cathy Harris shares stories of pain, grief, hope, and healing with detail, eloquence, and compassion. Those struggling with the pain and sorrow of abortion can find comfort in her words and courage to move forward.”
Jody Duffy,
Director of PATH (Post-Abortion Treatment and Healing) Atlanta;
Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat Site Leader;
Atlanta Regional Coordinator for “Silent No More”

“This book is an amazing collection of truth, wisdom, and love about one of the most important issues of the day. I urge you to read it and be blessed.”
Allan Parker,
President, The Justice Foundation & Operation Outcry;
Lead Counsel for Norma McCorvey, “Roe” of Roe v. Wade and Sandra Cano, “Doe” of Doe v. Bolton

“Cathy is a living testimony of God’s grace and redemptive work in the earth. Anyone who has been touched by the horror of abortion will find hope in her story. All who believe that every human child carries the image of God will be inspired by her life’s work.”
Dean Nelson,
National Outreach Director, Human Coalition

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