Understanding Genesis: How to Analyze, Interpret, and Defend Scripture

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Author(s): Jason Lisle
Publisher: Master Books
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There are many opinions and subsequent interpretations on the Book of Genesis. What did the author of Genesis intend and how can we possibly know, or is the important thing only what the Bible “means to you”? In this book, Dr. Jason Lisle answers questions such as:

– What are the most common mistakes people make in trying to understand Genesis?
– What are the necessary rules of biblical interpretation, and what is the proper role of science in understanding the Bible?
– How does one identify the various types of biblical literature, and how do the rules of interpretation handle each type – poetic,
prophetic, historical, etc.?

Is there one correct interpretation of the Bible, or are there many? Discover why alternative positions are rationally impossible. Unlock a powerful understanding of God’s Word and equip yourself with a reasoned defense against those who distort the Word of God.


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