The Spirit of Revival : Christian Revivals

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Author(s):  Ewang Nelson Mfortaw
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It doesn’t take a revelation to realize that these are the last days, and the Christian faith has fallen into apostasy. While some have abandoned the faith to follow deceiving spirits and demons, others are waiting for a Christian revival. For that to happen, however, there needs to be a rebirth of learning.

In this study, Pastor Ewang Nelson Mfortaw examines the teachings of the Bible that can be used to ignite the flames of revival. Through careful consideration, it’s possible to enlighten your understanding of God’s mind and will to attain a true understanding of the Christian faith. You can also discover insights on the Concept of sin, evangelism, the Sabbath , temptation, water baptism, the end of the worlds, and signs of His coming. To facilitate your understanding of the Bible, you ‘ll find psalms and parables as well as quotations from the Scriptures throughout this guidebook.

Get ready to explore the mysteries of the Bible, including the Garden of Eden , the nature of faith, and the wisdom of angels. Learning is the first step for The Spirit of Revival.

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