Saving Sara (The Jamie Austen Thrillers Book 3)

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Author(s): Terry Toler
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Finalist for American Bookfest 2021 Best Book Award in the thriller/adventure category.

Sara is missing in the Cayman Islands. No one knows it. Except her abductors, of course.
Beloved CIA heroine, Jamie Austen, is sent to Tampico, Mexico, to rescue four girls, abducted on their senior class trips. Are the cases related?

All of Jamie’s skills are tested as she must overcome the powerful drug war lord, El Mata, his ruthless band of heavily armed killers, and a hurricane that’s bearing down on the Caribbean islands.

“Another best seller for Terry Toler,” Reviewer.
“Terry Toler is a well written, rising star in fiction.”
“This book will have you on the edge of your seat.”
“I try to put Toler’s books down, but I can’t.”

“I think people will really like this book. Lots of globe hopping, danger, surprise, intrigue, and gunfights.
“Terry Toler comes up with storylines and plot lines that I don’t think have ever been done before.”
“Every chapter left me wanting more. I couldn’t wait for the next one.”
Wow! What a book. As usual, the twists and turns kept my interest at a high level. Then the ending . . . A usual Terry Toler cliffhanger.”
“I couldn’t believe she jumped.”
“This book is like a Mission Impossible movie.”
“The readers are in for a roller-coaster ride.”“I sure love Jamie Austen! She’s one of the most real make-believe people I’ve ever met.”
“The tension is thick, and you’ve just put a wrench into the works. The readers will love this book!”
Terry Toler is the best-selling and award-winning author of seventeen nonfiction books and fourteen novels. He can be followed at terrytoler.com.

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