The Remarkable Record of Job

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Author(s): Henry M. Morris
Publisher: Master Books
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The Remarkable Book of Job is a highly recommended Bible study resource offering significant insights not found anywhere else. Dr. Henry Morris, a professional scientist, and prolific author dedicated to defending the Bible as God’s inerrant Word reveals Job’s God-centered message, which has often been bypassed by writers seeking answers to man-centered problems.

Why does God who is omnipotent (able to prevent suffering) and merciful (willing to prevent suffering) allow suffering, particularly in the lives of those who have done nothing to deserve it? According to Morris, this question is actually not answered in the Book of Job. Instead, the Book of Job persuasively communicates the power and sovereignty of the Almighty God and truly confirms his role as Creator.

Bible study leaders are using The Remarkable Record of Job to:

– Teach God’s profound dominion over the world
– Magnify the inerrancy of the Bible, especially the Genesis record of creation

– Strengthen Christians’ faith in the Bible’s scientific and historical accuracy.
– Equipping God’s people to answer evolution and revisionist theories espoused by scholars, educators, and even theologians
– Awaken believers to Satan’s destructive and devastating devices in his long war against God
– Counter the world’s self-focused view of God and their own suffering
– Equip believers to live in awe of God with a no-compromise devotion to Him and His infallible Word revealed in the Holy Bible

Join Dr. Henry Morris in this grand Bible study adventure with great assurance you will close the book inspired by the wonder of the Almighty’s perfect and mysterious ways. This Bible study resource is excellent for personal study, Bible study groups, and academic research for Bible scholars.


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