Psychology and Spiritual Formation in Dialogue

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Author(s): Thomas M. Crisp, Steven L. Porter, Gregg A. Ten Elshof
Publisher: IVP Academic
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Can the phenomena of the human mind be separated from the practices of spiritual formation―of growing to have the mind of Christ?
Research into the nature of moral and spiritual change has revived in recent years in the worlds of psychology on one hand and theology and philosophy on the other. But psychology and spiritual formation draw upon distinct bodies of research and theory grounded in different methodologies, resulting in conversation that has suffered from a lack of interdisciplinary cross-pollination.
Rooted in a year-long discussion held by Biola University’s Center for Christian Thought (CCT), this volume bridges the gaps caused by professional specialization among psychology, theology, and philosophy. Each essay was forged out of an integrative discussion among theologians, psychologists, philosophers, New Testament scholars, educators, and pastors around the CCT seminar table. Topics that emerged included relational and developmental spirituality, moral virtue and judgment, and suffering and trauma.
Psychology and Spiritual Formation in Dialogue speaks across disciplinary divides, fostering fruitful conversation for fresh insights into the nature and dynamics of personal spiritual change.

Contributors include

Justin L. Barrett, School of Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary
Earl D. Bland, Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University
Ellen T. Charry, Princeton Seminary
John H. Coe, Biola University
Robert A. Emmons, University of California, Davis
Stephen Evans, Baylor University
Bruce Hindmarsh, Regent College, Vancouver
Marie T. Hoffman, New York University
James M. Houston, Regent College, Vancouver
Steven J. Sandage, David R. Paine, and Jonathan Morgan, Boston University
Siang Yang Tan, School of Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary
Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Brandon J. Griffin, and Caroline R. Lavelock, Virginia Commonwealth University
Edited by

Thomas M. Crisp, professor of philosophy, Biola University
Steve L. Porter, professor of theology, spiritual formation, and philosophy, Talbot School of Theology and Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University
Gregg Ten Elshof, professor of philosophy, Biola University


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