The Prostitute: A story of extreme love, fury and jealousy

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Author(s): Sesan Oguntade
Publisher: Zarepath Publishing
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Don’t ‘Kill’ That Marriage or Take Your Life Until You’ve Read This Book!

Steve Davies, a strict, disciplined and morally upright company executive suddenly fell in love with a notorious, long-term prostitute, Serena. Despite strict warnings from his friends and relatives, Steve took this strange love to another level – he proposed marriage to Serena and went ahead to marry her.
This unusual engagement sparked off lots of matrimonial troubles, yet Steve was glad to put his love, his name, his home and his reputation on the line for Serena.
Did the forces that bind such engagements come to the aid of Steve as he became a husband to a wife-prostitute?
Did Serena act like a pig who always returns to the mud?
Was Steve able to sustain his intimate love for his unusual wife?
A story of extreme love, fury, and jealousy.
This is a painful personal love story. A story of what deep and true love can do when gross infidelity and contrary societal opinions hold sway in a relationship.

Find Below the Many Benefits to You If You Read this Novel Today:
•This Christian Romance novel will help you to finally find the love that will save your ailing marriage.
•This book will help you to discover the mysterious extent of God’s love for you.
•Please don’t ‘kill’ that marriage until you have read the last word or statement in this book.
•You will learn the patience, perseverance, deep love, forgiveness that will save your marriage, family and children’s future.
•You will find the love that is needed to believe in yourself, your ability, and your future. Your life will become more precious to you.
Get a copy today.


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