A Primer on Paul: Harmonizing Acts and the Pauline Writings.

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Author(s): Danny Davis
Publisher:  Equipped Servant
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Retrace the fascinating life of the world’s most influential Apostle.

Expertly written with authentic historical details and a deeply engaging narrative, this inspiring account of the life and legacy of Paul the Apostle seeks to transport readers on a fascinating journey into the missions that have echoed through the centuries and shaped the world for the last two thousand years.

As a profound and enduring testament to Paul’s steadfast faith and his unwavering courage in the face of overwhelming adversity, this biography explores his three extensive expeditions across the Roman Empire in beautiful detail, showing how he tirelessly followed God’s will and proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus to whoever he met.

Readers will discover the tremendous persecution he faced from social and religious leaders, the many close brushes he had with death, and the miraculous conversion on the road to Damascus that transformed him from a persecutor of early Christians into a powerful vessel for God’s message to the world.

Book details:

Provides a Detailed Overview of Paul’s Life, Conversion, and Missions
Features Digital Maps of Paul’s Missionary Journeys To Help You Visualize His Travels
Includes Valuable Discussion Questions To Spark Conversations and Encourage Deeper Reflection
Perfect For Anyone Who Wants To Discover The History and Background Behind Paul’s Letters
Makes a Great Resource For Small Groups, Bible Study Classes, Homeschooling, Church Libraries, and Solo Readings
And Much More…
As a must-read for any aspiring or established Christian who wants to deepen their study of the Scriptures and learn more about the formation of the early Church, A Primer on Paul is an engaging read that challenges and motivates Christians to embrace their faith and overcome whatever spiritual challenges they’re facing.

Are you ready to discover the legacy of Paul the Apostle? Then scroll up and grab your copy today!

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