Powerful Worship in the War Room

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Author(s): Daniel B Lancaster
Publisher: Lightkeeper Books
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I wanted to feel close to God…but I didn’t know how.

Do you want to deepen your walk with God and feel His love again, but can’t figure out how to get there? On the outside, everyone thinks you’re doing well. But you know something is missing and want to find the key to connecting with God.

Or you feel close to God but would like a simple way to show others how they can experience the love of God. This book is for you, too. You already know that the only way to overcome the storms of life is to stay close to the Rock that can’t be shaken.

The good news is God wants to fill you with His love and show you how to give His love away to others. He wants to heal the hurts in your life that have drained your love tank.

The author served as an international missionary in Southeast Asia for 12 years. During that time, he discovered a simple method to help people experience God’s love. The truths in this book have transformed many and will you too.

We need transformed people full of God’s love in our broken world. The directions in this book will guide you to a deeper experience of the presence of Jesus in your war room.

God never intended for your relationship with Him to be complicated. The truth is that Jesus showed His disciples how to walk in the power of God’s love and Jesus wants to show you how to do the same.

In this book, you will learn the four ingredients for growing closer to God:

Loving God with all your heart and worshipping Him.
Loving God with all your soul and praying to Him.
Loving God with all your mind and studying His word.
Loving God with all your strength and sharing His love with others.
The author brings 40 years of his personal ministry experience to the pages of this book. Most importantly, he looks to the Word to unearth how Jesus showed us to grow close to God. Dr. Lancaster offers a simple way to reshape your relationship with God. Beginning today.

If you want practical ways to apply The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman or Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, you will enjoy this book. Dr. Lancaster knows firsthand the power of a simple method to love God and love people in community.

By opening your heart to these simple steps, you will experience God’s heart for you anew. You will discover new ways to love others you could never have imagined.

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