The Ordained Demon: The Story of a Young Priest

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Author(s): Oladapo Richard Osuntokun
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The “Ordained Demon is a captivating “must-read exciting book” that meshes self-help and Christian fiction within a thriller.

Can anyone imagine how a perfect child with all the trappings of anointment and greatness became hijacked by temptations?

It was a tough life and a hard-fought battle.

Heaven opened, and the sanctuary became electric with an overwhelming presence of joy, peace, and tranquility.

This young Priest (Michael) entered the moment dwelling within the Spirit of God.

The blind man regained his vision. The lame walked, and the deaf spoke.

Even the devil came out to witness the power of God. He came in the form of a real man with suggestions. The tricks were incredible as he spoke perfect French through the possessed man. The young Priest healed the man with the possessed man and eliminated the demonic spirit. This feat was the hallmark of his heavenly powers, and everyone was surprised.

Once the demon within the possessed was set free, it became very vindictive with a weird threat to return.

Can you imagine what this demon did to the young Priest on the rebound?

Meanwhile, Michael basked within the full glory of God, promotions in the priesthood were rapid, and he became known and even received recognition from the Pope.

Now the sky offers no limit to his elevation and power.

When the demon reappeared, it was sly, tricky, and cunning. The spiritual maneuvers were severe enough to pull a Saint down.

How can anyone get through this?

Michael fought and tried his best, but he did not recognize Satan’s complete tricks and secrets to change the trajectory and destination of his life.

This situation can also happen in anyone’s life.

This book is spiced with bends, turns, and twists and will keep you spellbound.

The death of the Bishop was incredibly planned, and no one knew about it.

It was a secret.

And then the baby.

What about the sacred vows of Chastity, poverty, and obedience?

This book will help you understand the basic meaning of these vows. It illustrates the cruelty of Satan to those who fail to realize that God is at the center of all vows.

This is why every Priest must be attached to the vine, the refuge and stronghold of Jesus Christ.

And when Michael was burning with ambition, nothing could stop him, as he went through illicit sexual contact with many women, drinking, and drug use.

This story, cleverly woven, will highlight the consequences of suffering, pain, and abandonment issues, especially from loved ones.

Then when the “cat came out of the bag,” all hidden activities became a piece of front-line news.

The devil used bible verses to confuse and convince Michael, who faced another abandonment once Satan completed the misdirection.

The story unfolds in real time, and you can draw parallels in your own life.

Readers can use the example of Reverend Father Michael to develop better perspectives to avoid falling into the same trap.

The “straight talk” helps to keep you grounded.

The facts in this book are in a straightforward and easy-to-understand story form.

This book will take readers on an exhilarating journey. It will keep your heart pumping from the first to the last page.

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