Milestone to Manhood: A Christian Rite of Passage to Help Your 13 Year Old Son Make the Leap from Boyhood to Manhood

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Do you have a son or grandson about to turn thirteen? Are you looking to do something special to mark his entrance into manhood?

Making the leap from boyhood to manhood is the most important transition that your son will make. His happiness, self confidence, and future marriage all depend on successfully navigating his teenage years. As fathers, we can either sit by as our sons stumble upon their own mistakes, or we can lovingly share our experiences with them to help them build lives of purpose and meaning.

But how can we effectively pass down inter-generational knowledge in a meaningful way to our sons? Today’s thirteen year old is more influenced by his phone than his father.

In the past, societies from around the world held initiation events to mark the transition from boyhood to manhood. The purpose of these gatherings was to create a situation where elders could bestow the ‘knowledge of life’ and ‘family values’ with the younger generation. This helped to keep the tribe alive and well cared for. To our son’s detriment, modern society no longer offers a similar coming of age ceremony today.

For that reason, our family has celebrated a unique birthday weekend to welcome the 13 year old boys into manhood in a special way. We interspersed the Christian values of our family throughout the weekend, to give them a genuine encounter with God as they made the transition to manhood. We called this weekend their rite of passage.

The rite of passage tradition has been an incredible blessing to our family, and now we want to share it with your family as well. This book will give you a firsthand account of one of our family’s rites of passage, explain the rituals behind the weekend, and give you the tools needed to organize a rite of passage for a boy in your life.

Visit www.milestonetomanhood.com for more information.

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