The Mercury Protocols: A Suspenseful Christian Fantasy Thriller

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Author(s): Terry Toler
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Ripped from yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s headlines.

“Destined to be another best seller for Terry Toler.”

In a secret room somewhere on Mercury, the Eliminati controls all of the governmental and societal structure. The six evil men decide who lives and who dies in the form of protocols, issued to suppress speech, freedom of religion, freedom of movement, and the elimination of every threat to their power.

At Revelation Church, Gohn, a lowly pastor, seemingly powerless, begins to see visions and dream dreams. God reveals to him what is happening in the end times and he’s called to resist the protocols and reveal the truth behind the Eliminati and the threat to the world.

Will he succeed or will evil prevail?

Book Six of The Eden Stories will captivate you and then bring you to tears. More importantly, you’ll be inspired.

This book has everything best selling and award winning author Terry Toler is known for. Suspense. Intrigue. Mystery. Romance. And an ending you won’t see coming.

Fiction with a message.

“This book does not disappoint.”
“I couldn’t put it down.”
“Don’t stop writing these books. The world needs them.”

Other books in the Award Winning Series

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“Terry Toler is a well-written, rising star in fiction,” Michael DeAngelo.

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