Men of Science, Men of God

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Men of Science, Men of GodAuthor(s): Henry M. Morris
Publisher: Master Books
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In Men of Science, Men of God, Dr. Henry Morris presents 101 biographies and Christian testimonies of scientists who believed the Bible and its account of God’s creation. This collection of biographies disproves the great fallacy that a true scientist cannot simultaneously be a true man of God, believing in God as Creator and Savior and believing the Bible as God’s revelation. In fact the history of science reveals notable Christians were actually the founding fathers of the scientific method and modern scientific disciplines.

Each brief biography reveals the work, discoveries and personalities of celebrated historical figures of science who were also believers in God. Morris summarizes their major scientific accomplishments and details about their Christian faith in one to four short paragraphs. The biographies are arranged chronologically from 1452-1979.

This book is a beacon of light illuminating the grand truth that the Bible and science are certainly compatible. Each biography will strengthen your faith and your admiration of how God uses individuals to accomplish incredible things. One quick glance at the appendix offering a list of key contributions of Bible-believing scientists of the past will fill you with awe and confidence in God. Allow Morris’ book to inspire you to achieve great things that will bring Him honor and glory in a world desperate to see Him.

Use Men of Science, Men of God to inform your own defense of the infallible Word of God. Parents and teachers will find this an excellent teaching resource for science, history, and religious studies.

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