Making God # 1 In Your Business: Integrating Faith With Business Practices

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Author(s): Mauri Rene
Publisher: Victorious You Press
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What is the most important key to a successful business? Some might argue that it is a great product or service. Others might say that it is a smart and savvy entrepreneur at the helm. Still others might suggest that it is a stellar marketing plan. While all of these elements are critical to the success of any great business, the most important key is often overlooked. In “Making God #1 in Your Business,” Mauri Rene drills down to the true purpose of a business… any business! She clarifies why some business owners stress out until they burn out while others are finding a place of peace and joy in their work. For these wise entrepreneurs, they understand that they are not truly the owner of any business… God is! And Mauri shows how, when God is NUMBER ONE, business can be an act of life-giving service to the business owner, the people it employs, and the customers it serves. Most of all, it can be another way for the Christian entrepreneur to glorify God.

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