From the Killing Fields to Heaven’s Gate: A True Story

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Author(s):  Karen Yanhs Anderson
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This story is a memoir about the author and her family’s harrowing escape from Cambodia’s Killing Fields to America. The journey was fraught with physical dangers, and political intrigues. Physical dangers included traveling at night through Cambodia’s dark jungle with many poisonous snakes, green-lantern-eyed tigers, giant spiders, land mines, mass graves, and U.S fighter jets’ bombing. The family undertook this journey to escape the persecution and genocide and went to Vietnam during the Vietnam War.
When South Vietnam fell to the communists, author’s family was once again fleeing from Vietnam and traveling to Thailand. Just as the family thought they had found freedom and relief, pirates raped and plundered the family and tried to traffick the author and her sisters into Bangkok’s brothels. Just in the nick of time, U.S Navy pulled in and saved the entire family.
All through the journey, God’s grace and protection was never too far away from the author and her family. God’s invisible hand and love could be felt even by those who have no knowledge of Him. Our God is a God of love, omnipotent and all powerful. Praise be to the Almighty God.

“This is an eye-opening and inspiring memoir of the author and her life across many continents. It is written in a down-to-earth manner, in a simplistic and conversational style that will appeal to all readers. This memoir offers real-life perspectives on immigrants and their hardships. Yet the author’s narration is positive and driven by faith.

The book opens well with a brief context of the history and politics of the country in which the author was born as well as the country to which she and her family were forced to migrate. All her incidents and stories are well detailed, making them interesting and relatable for readers.

The author’s life stories will teach readers about hope, courage, and resilience.”

Bhuthisigamani Thangadurai, Amnet Editor

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