Hope for the Hard Days: 100 Encouraging Devotions

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Author(s): Sarah Geringer
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Has your hope dwindled on the hard days you’ve been facing lately?
Sarah Geringer has had to fight for hope in some of the hardest days of her life.
In this devotional, she shares practical and encouraging tips for clinging to hope even when life is hard.

The book has 14 divisions of areas where you need hope:
Part 1: God’s Unchanging Character Gives Us Hope
Part 2: Hope in Spiritual Battles
Part 3: Trusting God Strengthens Our Hope
Part 4: Hope for the Hardest Days
Part 5: Uplifting your Spirit on the Hard Days
Part 6: Overcoming Worry and Weariness on the Hard Days
Part 7: Prioritizing Self Care on the Hard Days
Part 8: Handling Grief on the Hard Days
Part 9: Perspective Shifts for the Hard Days
Part 10: Relationship Adjustments for the Hard Days
Part 11: Choosing Discipline on the Hard Days
Part 12: Being Intentional on the Hard Days
Part 13: Developing Maturity on the Hard Days
Part 14: Cultivating Gratitude on the Hard Days

These devotions are short and convenient for busy readers. Each devotion has a prayer and reflection questions. They will help you stand firm in faith while you cling to hope even on the hard days of your life.

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