Where Are You?: God’s Questions that Need to be Answered

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Author(s): David Dingess & Walter Shaffer
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Why God? Why? We all have questions for Him. It seems like we never get all the answers. But He has questions for us too. Maybe the reason God doesn’t answer us is because we have never bothered to answer Him. His questions demand an answer.

Brace yourself; I will question you, and you shall answer me. Job 38:3

When God asks a question, we need to be prepared to answer. This book examines twenty-two of the most important questions God has asked. Beginning with the Lord’s first question to Adam and Eve from the book of Genesis, Where Are You? And ending with the most important question He would have us answer, Do You Love Me?

There is much that we learn when we answer God’s questions. His queries not only reveal who we are. If we are brave enough to be laid bare before the Lord and answer His questions, we will have the added benefit of gaining a better understanding of His nature and who He is. We will also get a better grasp of who we are in Him. And in one of those mysteries of God, if we will spend time considering and answering His question, many of our questions about Him will be answered. Are you willing to be questioned by God?

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