Only Glory Awaits: The Story of Anne Askew, Reformation Martyr

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Only Glory AwaitsAuthor(s): Leslie S. Nuernberg
Publisher: Ambassador International
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Sixteenth century England. The Protestant Reformation sweeps across Europe into England, bringing political and religious upheaval – and danger to all who embrace this new learning. Into this tumultuous period, young Anne Askew, a gentlewoman from Lincolnshire, forges her way into history.

From the peasant revolt in Northern England, which threatens the very lives of her beloved father and brothers, through a loveless marriage, and finally to the political intrigues of Henry VIII’s court, Anne’s courageous and steadfast faith sustains her. But when her own life is threatened, can Anne’s faith hold true?

Here is the true story of a young English woman, who faced adversity and affliction with the strong belief that Christ is indeed sufficient in all circumstances – and no matter what the cost, the truth of Christ must prevail.
Only Glory Awaits is historical fiction about the life and martyrdom of Anne Askew, a contemporary of Lady Jane Grey.


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