Genesis Flood Revisited

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Author(s):  Andrew A. Snelling
Publisher:  Master Books
Price: $2.99       (Feb 15-16)
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Modeled after the 1961 ground-breaking book The Genesis Flood by Drs. Whitcomb and Morris, this detailed work builds on that classic volume with new insights from decades of work by the author, Dr. Andrew Snelling, and numerous colleagues. This recent revolution in geology and the explosion in geological research have established an even firmer basis for understanding the biblical Flood with a God-honoring foundation — the absolute authority and inerrancy of God’s Word.

Examine details of the Creation Week as it builds a solid scriptural case for the Flood’s catastrophic nature and global extent.
Find decisive answers to many questions about the Flood and Noah’s Ark, its construction, and the animals taken onboard.
Delve deeply into astonishing geological details that unfold from the early chapters of Genesis, including the Creation Week and the pre-Flood world.

Explore detailed evidence and a concise, informative 30-page color section with diagrams, maps, and more!
Dr. Snelling jettisons the faulty evolutionary-uniformitarian assumptions used by most geologists and instead, interprets compelling new geological and observed field data within the biblical framework for the earth’s history. He also demonstrates that fossils were catastrophically buried in sedimentary layers being deposited rapidly on a global scale on the continental plates derived from the violent rifting apart of the original supercontinent.

His work demolishes radiometric dating, the icon of the millions of years dogma, and builds a thoroughly powerful case for a young earth that explains many geological features such as varves, evaporites, coal, oil, chalk, granites, and more that biblical skeptics sadly have used to scoff at God’s Word. Discover the powerful truth behind the earth’s most enduring mysteries!

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