An Experiment in Liberty: America’s Path to Independence

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Author(s): George Grant
Publisher:  Canon Press
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G.K. Chesterton once quipped that America is the only nation founded on a creed. This book is the story of how that happened.
George Grant is not one of those historians who is obsessed with facts and dates. He is a seasoned storyteller, and in this short little book he gives the story of the American battle for independence, beginning with the background in the founding of the colonies and the French and Indian War, he chronicles the how and why of the American Revolution, down to the Constitutional convention.

The American Revolution was in many ways not like a revolution at all. Rather than being a revolt against authority, it was a revolt in favor of law and the duty of the lesser magistrate. If you live in America, there is a great story and a great heritage for you to uncover.


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