You Don’t Need a Ph.D. to Find G-O-D

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Christians – are you looking for an 800-page academic dissertation loaded with religious, scientific, and technical jargon?

If so, you’re in the wrong place, friend.

The information presented in those publications is amazing, but most believers don’t read them, let alone skeptics who are seeking the truth…

That’s where this book comes in.

Believers like you say it’s easy to read, and difficult to put down. And those readers run the gamut – from Pastors, ministry leaders, and apologetics enthusiasts to church youth groups and brand-new Christians.

This “page-turner” presents the evidence that God exists, and Jesus is Lord. It explains seemingly complex topics using everyday language, relatable life stories and analogies.

You’ll learn things like:

Science is a process we use to learn about the universe God created. It’s not a religion unto itself.
Humans are created by God. We are not blind accidents of nature.
Other religious leaders have claimed to hear from God. Jesus claimed to BE God.
The Bible is the most scrutinized text in history and it’s not close.
“Kindness is all that matters” answers none of the important questions in life. The Good News of Jesus Christ answers all of them.

For Christians who are new to or perhaps have never even heard the term Christian Apologetics, get ready to level up. Your personal faith, and your ability to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others will never be the same.

For pastors, ministry leaders, and apologetics enthusiasts, this book will fit right into that open spot on your evangelism toolbelt.

Are you ready? Let’s talk God.


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