You Don’t Need a Ph.D. to Find G-O-D: God Explained in Plain Language

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You try to ignore it…

But deep down, something’s missing.

It doesn’t add up.

You’ve got a good family, a good job, good relationships. You’ve got plenty of “stuff.” You’re a good person. You care deeply about worthy causes.

But you’re still stressed out, anxious, and searching. For what, you’re not quite sure.

You’ve tried it all: distraction, deep breathing, meditation, therapists, sex, booze, retail therapy. Maybe this is just how you’re meant to be.

Friend, you long for the fulfillment that can only come from knowing God.

But how do you get to know someone who you can’t find and who others can’t seem to explain? It sounds like another language when they try.

This is what you’ve been looking for: You Don’t Need a Ph.D. to Find G-O-D.

This is a Christian explanation book like no other. Far from a scholarly dissertation, this book is written by a “regular guy” with the same fundamental question as you: How do I find God? The answer to that question unlocks everything else important in this life:

Is there a purpose for my life? Will I someday see my friends and relatives again that have passed away? What religion is “right?” Is there a right and wrong way to live? Should I be going to church?

Written in plain language, James Finke takes the reader from “Is there a God?” To “Jesus is Lord” using topics like baseball, wedding cakes, panic attacks, and conversations with his 6-year-old daughter.

After years of investigation, James has boiled down the evidence and shares his takeaways as only a “regular guy” can. Expert scientific research is referenced but forget about hyper-technical scientific discussion or religious terms you’re not familiar with.

Whether you “have it all” or your life is an out-of-control mess; it’s time to finally get some answers to those questions in the back of your mind.

Are you ready? Let’s talk God.

Editor Comments

This book is amazing and truly inspiring. It reveals and opens the reader’s heart to a lot of hidden knowledge about the awesomeness of Jesus. This book serves the purpose of which it is written, which is to fully open the eyes of man to the fact that God is real and can be seen when we simply look around us. I would strongly recommend this book to everyone, especially those still in doubt of the existence of God.


“OMG. I just read your book. I’m speechless! I completed enjoyed reading it. I especially enjoyed the real-life analogies.”

“Dude! This is fantastic and so needed! Speaking as a regular person with a regular vocabulary.”

“Loved the stories you used. Love how simple it all sounds. I’m already like, OK, who am I going to share this with? My brother, family members, friends.”

“I’ve read it in a few sittings, and [Wife] and I actually had a great discussion about the Big Bang Theory after I read that section. Love the God/No God spreadsheets at the end of chapters. I like books with some application or overall takeaways like that.”

About the Author

James Finke is a Christian, husband, father, businessman, and author. For years, James has been driven to study the evidence for God. A gifted storyteller, James has always enjoyed writing but had no intention to author a book. James has no Ph.D., is not a pastor, not a scientist, and had never written a book before. Thankfully, the Creator of the universe is not limited by formal credentials and uses “regular” people for His glory. What James thought was a study to strengthen his own faith was training to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others.

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