Dear David: Is Jesus for Real?

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Author(s): Andrew Lee
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What happens when one friend asks another friend to recount his reasons for believing in Christianity? A 30-page email with enough material for a book, apparently. Dear David is the candid retelling of one college student’s dubious return to faith, complete with the transformational realization that Jesus is a person to encounter, not some abstract puzzle to solve.

For seekers and skeptics alike, Dear David is a memoir in letter-form that offers an explanation of Christianity without any smoke and mirrors—just a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor and blunt storytelling. It begins with the philosophical musings of any 21-year-old trying to make sense of the world. What is religion? Why are there so many? Is Jesus for real?

It then shifts into personal narrative: how does a self-described agnostic figure out the real question to answer when it comes to the quest for absolute truth in this world? What does a second generation Chinese American do to reconcile his semi-dysfunctional relationships with his immigrant parents? And why, for this Stanford computer science major, was a summer at Amazon both the worst and best internship of his life?

The stories told in Dear David are engaging, frank, and personally endearing. If you are struggling with doubt or simply curious if Jesus is truly for real, Dear David is your ticket to:

A better working definition for religion (it’s not what you think it is!)
A lesson in why personal application of faith is more important than pursuing truth
A dose of reassurance that you are not alone in your doubt
Whether you’re curious about faith, skeptical about faith, or altogether indifferent about faith, Dear David ultimately promises nothing more than what it already plainly is: an exceedingly long letter from one friend to another.

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