Cross Your Heart And Hope To…Live!

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Author(s): Nathaniel Mason
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What happens to us after our life on earth?

It’s a question that has been tackled, debated, and often interpreted time after time.
One truth prevails all – it’s never too early to start thinking about your afterlife.

Cross Your Heart And Hope To…Live – provides truths, observations, and guidance on how to deal with life’s inevitable pitfalls, while also stressing the absolute importance of ensuring you and your loved ones make it to eternal bliss with the Father and Creator of all life – Almighty God.

The mission of this book is to enlighten readers by shining a light on certain eye-opening truths and observations that inspire individuals to take necessary steps to start planning their spiritual life with the Father of all Truth, and the source of all life and love, Almighty God.

No one makes it out of this life – alive.

Wealth, fame, and success are temporary. None of us had a choice in being born – and none of us has a choice in whether we die. One day, we will all ascend into eternity, never to return to life again.

Almighty God knows what is best for us and He asks that we listen to him with our heart and our mind during our time on earth. By listening to Him and living truthfully, rejecting all that we feel in our mind and heart (and spirit) to be wrong, we will live our life through His holy guidance, paving our way to eternal bliss in His kingdom.

As you read the truths and observations in “Cross Your Heart And Hope To…Live!” – it is my hope that it will help you lead a better life on earth – while also showing you how to pave your way into a heavenly life everlasting.

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