The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing for Christians

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Author(s): Sallie Dawkins
Publisher:  N/A
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Are you a Christian writer eager to share your message with the world but don’t know where to start?

The word “complete” in the title is not an exaggeration. Author Sallie Dawkins covers everything writers need to know about writing and self-publishing their books. The legal and financial considerations that Dawkins writes about alone are worth the book’s price. —Joe W. for Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Five Stars

This all-encompassing guide is your essential self-publishing road map written by Amazon #1 best-selling author Sallie Dawkins. Learn from the author’s expertise and past mistakes to discover a more efficient way to self-publish your work on Kindle Direct Publishing and other platforms. Save time and shortcut the learning process by going straight to essential resources. Avoid unnecessary stress by reviewing important legal and financial considerations before you get started.
From creating a space conducive to writing, outlining your narrative, self-editing, hiring professional editors and proofreaders, formatting and cover creation, registering for ISBNs and copyright, to an effective book launch and ongoing marketing, every step of the process is illuminated.

Benefits of reading this book:

Efficiently self-publish your first book avoiding costly mistakes as you learn from the author’s fumbles.

Enjoy financial freedom as you learn publishing keywords and phrases necessary to navigate the internet to discover free teaching resources effectively—no course enrollment is required.

Save time and avoid delay with step-by-step guidance to help you achieve your goals to leave a lasting legacy for God’s Kingdom.

What’s included in this book:

A comprehensive yet concise guide to self-publishing, including step-by-step guidance for preparing, writing, editing, publishing, launching, and marketing your work.

Detailed glossary for learning new-to-you phrases used by writers and publishers.

Essential resources for Christian authors seeking to fulfill their calling.

Advice and insight from a successful Amazon #1 best-selling author.

If you’re ready to become a published author, let this book be your guide! Allow THE COMPLETE BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO SELF-PUBLISHING FOR CHRISTIANS to serve as a road map directing you toward your destination. Don’t wait to start your self-publishing journey – buy THE COMPLETE BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO SELF-PUBLISHING FOR CHRISTIANS today!

I’ve been moved to tears because it feels like God is using this book to take my hand and lead me on how to obey His call. It really feels like the author is here with me, talking just to me, giving me confidence with all of her practical experience and wisdom. —Julie L.


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