The Bible: A Love Story: A Tale of Two Covenants

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Author(s): Stephen J. Smith
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Did you know that God has already been married? And that He’s now divorced?

And do you realize that our present engagement and future marriage to Christ follows, almost exactly, the pattern of an ancient Hebrew wedding?

In this ground-breaking little book, author and Bible teacher, Stephen Smith, gives an unique insight into the real relationship between the Old and New Testaments – presenting them as two marriage covenants, made firstly between Yahweh and Israel and then between Christ and his Church.

But be prepared for the unexpected! Take this fascinating journey into an area of little-known Bible truth with one guarantee: you’ll never see the Bible in quite the same light again!

When you discover the grand plan that God has been working towards from before the dawn of time, you’ll come to understand why the Israelites were enslaved in Egypt, why the ten commandments were given on Mount Sinai, what Christ really did on the cross, how the Church actually began and what the Holy Spirit is really here on earth to do!

This little booklet will explain how Christ’s death on the cross involved so much more than him simply dying for our sins. And that his plans for you and me are considerably greater than just allowing us into heaven!

There’s so much here for you to think about: the explanation for antisemitism in the world today, God’s true plans for the nation of Israel, and the reasons why the ‘rapture’ must occur before Christ returns to this earth in glory.

It’s all there: hidden in plain sight from many of us – and meticulously uncovered right here in this thoughtful and insightful work; each point carefully and thoroughly backed up from the Scriptures.

And as you go through this ‘must-read’ publication, you’ll discover the answer to so many questions that have puzzled Christians for so long:
Why is God described as being ‘jealous’?
What is the new covenant?
Is the new covenant relevant to the nation of Israel?
Has the church received the new covenant?
What does this tell us about the ‘Rapture’?
Does Israel have a future apart from the church?
What is spiritual adultery?
Is the Christian obliged to keep the Law?
What is meant by the ‘baptism’ and the ‘filling’ of the Spirit’?

There’s so much here that’s new and unfamiliar to us. Take the risk! You won’t be disappointed.

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