The Assault on America: How to Defend Our Nation Before It’s Too Late!

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Author(s): Alex McFarland
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
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America has suffered some big losses—eroding morals, a Godless culture, and a declining national spirit. These losses have corrupted the very fabric of our once-stalwart nation, coalescing into social and political overthrow with anarchy raging in the streets. Many wonder, Is this the end of America?

Author, broadcaster, and educator, Alex McFarland answers with a resounding NO! Considered a religious and cultural expert by Fox News and CNN, McFarland points out that many of our elected officials have a vested interest in America’s decline. With malice and greed, these political villains care nothing for the country they’ve been appointed to serve. So, it’s up to honest citizens like you—who love God and cherish this nation—to stand up and defend America…before it’s too late!

The Assault on America arms you to take action by outlining…

• The real source of America’s problems that no one dares to talk about
• How the next election will impact your future, and what you can do about it
• How you can be heard as a voice for good

Start protecting your family and your nation today! Your way of life depends on it!


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