Applied Theology: And Other Things I Needed To Hear

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Author(s): Mike Stimpson
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Theology should not be abstract. We should live like it’s true. However, I discovered that there were several areas where my theology was mostly correct, but the truth was not “written on my heart”. I didn’t know how to live it out in my daily life.

Some examples: I believed that God was sovereign, but I got frustrated when stuck in traffic. I read that in God’s presence is fullness of joy, but I kept chasing after money and what it can buy. I knew that Jesus was preparing a place for me, but I acted as if my house would be eternal if I just maintained it well enough.

As I was trying to work through these issues, I didn’t find much to help me. (It may well exist; I just didn’t find it.) So I wrote this book to help me think through some of these issues. In essence, it is what I needed to hear.

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