Aftermath of Jennifer Kesse’s Abduction: An Uncle’s Quest for Understanding & Inspiring Life Lessons

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Author(s): Bill Gilmour
Publisher:  New Degree Press
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Are you overwhelmed with circumstances in life that you can’t control? Is pain or suffering draining happiness and joy from life? You’re not alone!

If you were encouraged by Max Lucado’s Help is Here, Phil Yancey’s Disappointment with God, John Eldredge’s Wild at Heart and Walking with God or Bob Goff’s Love Does and Dream Big, you will find hope in Aftermath of Jennifer Kesse’s Abduction.

Jenn’s uncle, Bill Gilmour, was gripped by sadness and questions while grappling with brokenness – he felt completely helpless and hopeless. Jenn’s abduction was a catalyst that forced him to face the truth about his life.

He shares his journey to find hope that began with a pivotal invitation that changed the course of his life.

“After his niece’s abduction, Bill became vulnerable with himself and God rather than getting angry and bitter. Through his humble honesty, Bill opened the door to lasting change in his own life and the lives of others. You will be inspired as you read about his courageous leap into action to become a better husband, father, and friend.” — John Mattone, Bestselling Author, World’s Top Executive Coach

“A personal story that reads like a conversation with the author and leads you to see light in the darkest of places.” — Kristin Carotenuto, PharmD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Bill reveals that joy is possible through pain. Transformation emerges through suffering. Love triumphs through family, community, and God. Buy your copy now.

Early Book Praise

“Having worked in the halls of Congress, Bill’s book should be a primer for those working there. Authentic, inspirational, and most rewarding. Bill provides the map, moral compass, and directional signs to navigate life’s most difficult experiences. His message will transform your life as it did mine.” — Phil Rapp, former Congressional Chief of Staff

“Be prepared for a heartbreaking, yet hopeful, story of a family’s survival after devastating loss. The author gives an honest account of the long-term consequences – both positive and negative – of a horrific tragedy.” — Carole Kleinknecht, Leader Development/Human Resources, Cru Inner City

“Bill’s honest and vulnerable sharing of finding hope after his niece Jennifer’s abduction is encouraging. I was reminded that life throws curves continuously, but what is important is how we respond. We can get bitter or better. Bill chose the latter.” — Mike Kocourek, CEO, Fuzelo Inc.


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