Addicted To Hope: 7 Transformational Truths for the Weary, Defeated, and Just Plain Stuck

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Author(s):  Drake De Long-Farmer
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Stuck. Trapped. Tired. Burned out. Is this how you feel? You know that God has called you to something better, yet you don’t know how to get there. And on top of all of that, when you hear stories about life change, you wonder if your turn will ever come…

In #AddictedToHope, you will begin your journey to change by learning about a simple, yet transformational shift that I’ve seen work over and over again. Join me—and everyone else—who have discovered what it means to be #AddictedToHope.

In this book we will explore:

#AddictedToHope: More Than Just A Hashtag
#FullOfLove: the Foundation For Our Hope
#ANewHope: Have We Lost Our Way?
#WordsKill: Why I Don’t Complain About The Weather
#Anchored: Hope For The Hopeless
#Soar: Hope For The Addict
#FuelledByFaith: Every Marathon Starts With A First Step


Let Drake take you on a journey towards renewed hope, looking through the lens of his own life, the scriptures, and our fragmented culture. At the end of the day and regardless of your circumstances, there is always hope in Jesus!

—Douglas A. Balzer, director of ReKindle.tv, author of The Empowerment Pivot and Light Up The Dark

As we walk through the storms of life, the last thing we need is a quick fix. We need substance, we need hope, and we need a pathway to get there—and that’s exactly what this book is.

—Daniel Im, lead pastor at Beulah Alliance Church, podcaster, and author of several books, most recently You Are What You Do: And Six Other Lies about Work, Life, and Love

#AddictedToHope is moving, inspiring and humbly written. In this compelling work, Drake unpacks a lifetime of wisdom, experience and stories. His approach is both humble and humbling as he wades into difficult territory usually reserved for trauma and support groups and exposes his heart to his readers. I appreciate how chapter after chapter Drake brings us deeper into his heart, his home and his past as he shows us the reason for his hope. The journey is fluid, the pages turn effortlessly and I found my soul both bare and full at the end.

—Chet Kennedy, youth pastor & author of Broken Mortals: A Journey of Hope

Like a beacon in the dark, #AddictedToHope draws us back into the light of who Jesus is, our identity in Him, and the hope we have in Him. Whether you are unsure about Jesus or seeking to know Him better, this book is worth exploring. It just might change your whole perspective and outlook.

—Lisa Burchett, medical doctor & Soul Care leader

Drake has given us all a gift in #AddictedtoHope. He writes with compassion and confidence, giving us a solid reason to hope and compelling us to partner with hope in asking, “What’s next?” This book carries an impartation of joy and a call to movement that’s just what one needs when they want to be…addicted to hope.

—Michelle Dwyer, author of Fierce Hope: Hope for the Weary, Disappointed, Devastated, and Indifferent

Imagine a life moved by God’s love, expressed through faith, and rooted in unshakable hope. Into our universal longing to find sure and certain hope, Drake points us to King Jesus and His Kingdom in our midst. Rich with stories that engage the heart, the reader is moved to a deeper understanding and purpose in following Jesus. Mindful of our culture yet joyfully grounded in God’s Word this book extends Jesus’ invitation to become #AddictedToHope. In His hope, we will never be disappointed.

—Michael Wilson, counselor & congregational care pastor

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