12 Rules for a Christian Life

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Author(s): Chris Greer
Publisher: M-Street Publishing
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Every wonder if you’re living the life you were made to live?
Many of us are carried along by thoughtless routine and cultural inertia. We’re drowning in news feeds and notifications, overwhelmed by low-grade depression and lofty expectations.
In the midst of the daily grind we wonder…Is there more to life than this?
There is more. Much more.
Your purpose is greater than building a reputation, finding the right career, or supporting the latest cause. Your true calling is far more fulfilling than chasing fickle followers, wooing the sexiest partner, or settling for comfort and pleasure.
Your real life is about living the deepest, most spiritually alive way possible. 12 Rules for a Christian Life reveals how you can find that kind of life in the practices and priorities of Jesus.
With his keen illumination of the Bible and Western culture, Chris Greer explores twelve practices of Jesus that help you adopt the attitudes and actions that enhance life, and resist the beliefs and behaviors that impair it.

12 Rules for a Christian Life invites you into a different and better way of being, one transformational Rule at a time.
It’s time. Your real life awaits.
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