You’re Not Finished Yet

Author(s): Christine Caine
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Price: $1.99       (June 17-23)
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Don’t stop now––there’s so much more ahead! Do you have what it takes to go the distance? The middle of any endeavor—career, relationships, ministry, health—is often when our resilience and perseverance waivers. This 100-day devotional will encourage and strengthen you in the messy middle when peace seems out of reach, the future feels uncertain, and life really gets hard.

Join bestselling author, human rights activist, and international speaker Christine Caine as she shares stories from her ministry experience and personal walk with Jesus, along with Bible passages and spiritual reflections, taking you on a devotional journey where you will learn how to:

Go the distance––not because you have the strength but because God does.
Cultivate a life of deep contentment so you can experience more joy and greater peace of mind regardless of what life throws your way.
Get your peace back and win the war against worry and overwhelm so you can keep going when you just want to quit.
Discover how the pain of your today is preparing you for the promise of your tomorrow.
Step out of your comfort zone and take risks so you can keep growing even when life is going great.
Reset your focus and priorities so you can break the cycle of going through the motions.
Step away from what you thought life would be and trust the purpose and plans God has for you.
Today is a good day to take the hand of Jesus and go again, dream again, pray again, and believe again so we can keep going through all of life’s messy middles.


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