Resilient Faith

Author(s): Lewis Allen & Sarah Allen
Publisher: Crossway Books
Price: $2.99       (July 10-11)
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Lewis and Sarah Allen Teach Young Christians How to Approach Difficulties and Disappointments Biblically

We all encounter problems and challenges on a daily basis, ranging from small things—traffic, losing your keys, or running late—to much bigger issues—job insecurity, health issues, and relationship struggles. What should a believer in Christ do in the face of such adversities?

Authors Lewis and Sarah Allen propose that while the world may teach us one way to approach challenges, there is a better way—complete dependence on Christ and pursuit of wise living. With the help of the Holy Spirit, Christians are able to live more joy-filled lives in the midst of adversity. In a conversational and personal tone, the Allens walk through key biblical passages as they relate to challenges and share stories, case studies, and illustrations to encourage us to rely on Christ and commit to his church in the battle of Christian life.

Ideal for New or Young Christians: Especially those feeling discouraged by doubt and disappointment
Engaging and Interactive: Includes case studies and illustrations, with questions and prayers at the end of every chapter
Practical and Realistic: Readers will receive biblical direction for applying these principles to their daily lives


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