Matzah Balls to Communion Wafers: How a Not-So-Kosher Jewish Girl Fell in Love with Jesus

Author(s): Gail Baker
Publisher: Resource Publications
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When Baker yearns for something more, she discovers that the Christian message answers the deep yearning within each of us to resolve human suffering. Baker’s conversion is not a blinding-light epiphany, but a process spanning years of agonizing conflict, echoing twenty centuries of misunderstanding between Christians and Jews.
Living in the same city as her chagrined parents, she is forced to process difficulties related to family dynamics, group loyalty, and identity politics. Readers will be emboldened by Baker’s decision to follow Christ at the risk of rupturing ties with family and community. Her book will appeal to all who seek God’s guidance in making difficult life decisions.
This book is a must-read for Christians who wish to engage with their Jewish friends. The Jewish mindset is tenderly revealed, showing why so many Jews bristle at the mere mention of Jesus.

“Gail’s quest is honest and authentic. It’s easy to go along and accept what one’s been taught. She’s sought God on her own terms. It’s a path of discovery and only good things can come from it.”
–Hesh Epstein, Orthodox Rabbi

“I love reading stories of people coming to a life-giving faith. Especially when the hard and harsh things that comprise any life get full attention. Gail’s is no glib testimony, but a moving, carefully unrolling narrative with flashes of humor and glimpses of insight. She confronts heartache and tough questions without flinching, all the while showing how God walked alongside her, and brought to her mercy and hope. Her story will stir something similarly satisfying and sustaining in others.”
–Timothy Jones, Dean Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

“I read this book in one sitting. Coming myself from Jewish heritage, it stirred my heart and I found I couldn’t put it down! Every Christian should understand the Jewish underpinnings of Christianity and this work lays them out beautifully. This book is both wonderfully theological and deeply personal. Gail is stunningly and authentically honest about her own journey, faith, and family. I found myself shedding tears of sadness and joy! You will find great wisdom here that may just change your life.”
–Alfred “Al” T. K. Zadig Jr., former Rector of All Saints Church in Chevy Chase, Maryland in the Diocese of Washington, DC

“Linda and I are spellbound about the way God used us in Gail’s metamorphosis. Just as physical birth can entail a long and painful experience, so it was with Gail’s spiritual rebirth. Our recent experience of reading her book was intensely emotional. Because the Jewish embrace of Jesus represents an earth-shattering change, I have not been able to contain my tears. Her writing, transparent and without guile, has well-placed, healing Scriptures that affect the reader like a balm on an open wound.”
–Glenn Welsford, retired Presbyterian minister, PCA

“Gail Baker’s Matzah Balls to Communion Wafers is a strikingly frank and unique assessment of her personal, social, and, ultimately, theological path. An emotional and intellectual treatment without veneer, it reflects the interplay between the Spirit’s leading and an honest willed search.”
–Gerald Mills, Senior Pastor, Providence Presbyterian Church, PCA

Despite her challenging thirty-four-year journey, Baker has integrated her Christian faith with her identity as a Jew. Today a baptized Christian, she belongs to Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Columbia, South Carolina. She maintains a busy schedule as a community volunteer, speaker, and blogger. For more visit acongregationofone.com or facebook.com/GailBakerAuthor.

All interested readers are invited to contribute to the Selden Smith Foundation for Holocaust Education at


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