THE ATTRIBUTES OF GOD: Understanding Who the God of the Bible Truly Is

Author(s): Ram Krishnamurthy
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So states the Westminster Shorter Catechism in response to the first question, “What is the chief end of man?” But we neither glorify God nor enjoy Him forever if we don’t have a proper understanding of His nature. Since the God of the Bible can only be understood by His attributes, it’s vital that we study them.

This short devotional-style book filled with illustrations and applications is primarily written to help followers of Jesus grow in their understanding of the God of the Bible. But it can also be very beneficial if you are not a Christian but are interested in knowing more about the Christian faith. You, too, can benefit as this book strives to help you understand the nature of the God of the Bible who created you and invites you to have a relationship with Him.

Even though we can never fully understand God because He is infinite and “his greatness no one can fathom” (Psalm 145:3), we, who are finite, are still given the privilege to know Him on a limited basis. The New Covenant, as found in the pages of the Bible, promises that we can all know God “from the least…to the greatest” (Hebrews 8:11). That not only gives us comfort but also encourages us to pursue a deeper knowledge of Him. And I hope this book helps you do that.

Ram Krishnamurthy has been pastoring Grace Bible Church, located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, for over two decades. He is married to Geetha, and they have two children. More details about him can be found at www.gbc-windsor.org and at www.biblebasedhope.com, where he frequently blogs.

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