The LORD My Shepherd

The LORD My Shepherd: A Topical Devotional Guide for the PsalmsAuthor(s): Donald Orthner
Publisher: Ambassador International
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Psalms is widely considered the most-loved book in the Bible. Its intensely personal passages picture our own struggles, defeats, and victories; its instruction includes numerous principles and practices for godly worship, service, and day-to-day living. The Psalms high praises of Almighty God ring through many of our beloved hymns and songs. Psalms historical scope ranges from the days of creation through prophecies of the Messiah’s life, death, resurrection, and coming again. Martin Luther called Psalms a little Bible, and indeed it is. The LORD My Shepherd captures these and many more pertinent subjects in a devotional topical format. It’s for understanding and applying the Psalms in your own life and worship. Come, Magnify the LORD with me!


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