Take Words With You (5th Edition)

Take Words With You (5th Edition)Author(s): Tim Kerr
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This newly updated 5th Edition of Take Words with You contains over 2500 Scripture promises and prayers. For the first time, a simple “Method of Prayer” is introduced that makes the manual both functional and faith-building.This resource promises to be strategic for anyone seeking to grow in their prayer life and see more of their prayers answered.


God loves to be quoted. It’s possible to know your Bible but then leave it behind when you go to pray. But isn’t it so much better to “Take Words With You” to infuse your prayers with the words of Scripture? If that’s the desire of your heart, this book will be a valuable tool.
-Joshua Harris, Senior Pastor, Covenant Life Church

You know you’re praying in the will of God when you’re praying the Word of God. This manual is packed full of Scripture promises, affirmations and blessings. It’s a well-organized and invaluable resource for personal, corporate, and intercessory prayer. If you want to ignite your prayer life, Take Words with You. I’ll definitely be taking a copy with me!
-Mary A. Kassian, Professor of Women’s Studies, Southern Seminary

There are many books–hundreds of them–that teach Christians how to pray. Take Words With You teaches Christians what to pray. The words of God, his promises to us, must be the fuel that powers our prayer. Use this book, pray the promises it contains, and let your prayers be transformed by the Word of God.
-Tim Challies, Blogger at Challies.com

This book is a much-needed tool. You will find your prayer life nourished if you allow yourself to be gripped by the Scriptures that are contained within it. You need this book. Your family needs to use this book. Your church needs you to pray like this. I need this book.
-Adrian Warnock, Blogger at AdrianWarnock.com

It is not common today to hear praying filled with and shaped by Scripture and that’s why I am excited about “Take Words With You.” I am grateful for this useful tool and plan to put a copy in the hands of our staff, Elders, Deacons and small group leaders.
-John Mahaffey, Lead Pastor West Highland Baptist Church, Founding council member of The Gospel Coalition

I already have some good books on prayer; I don’t have any that get me praying more than this one. Some books sit on the shelf. This one’s going to sit on my desk for daily use. I plan on using it for years.
-Darryl Dash, Church Planter, Blogger at DashHouse.com

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